I have in the past reported on the work of artist Newt Clement. He’s the guy who created the Horror-themed Happy Meals and Horror-inspired Pop-Tarts boxes, among other things. Products that we admired and wished were real, as in really available for purchase. Over at Etsy, Sam and Tina Kaleal, of HangMeOfficial have made that dream a reality. They created a FRIDAY THE 13th Happy Meal box and a HALLOWEEN Happy Meal Box, among others. You can order the boxes only, or get them with an action figure. (These latter appear to be the Funko 3.5 inch depictions of the characters.) The boxes are selling for seven bucks, and if you want the action figure included you can get one for sixteen. Considering that the Funko figures usually go for about ten dollars by themselves, this isn’t a bad price at all.

I SAID you could order the Happy Meals, but when I went to the Etsy page I couldn’t find them. Have they sold out? Have the owners been threatened with legal action and had to take down the ads? Their special Horror-themed packages of Jiffy-Pop are still available, but where are Michael and Jason?