how do you get over the pain,
of a love lost?
of a love that is always there,
but never yours?

of a love that is with you everyday,
but dreaming of every other girl?
how do you understand,
how you went from being the most beautiful girl,
to just a another face in the crowd?
how do you stop loving someone,
when they are all you ever had?
how do you stop loving someone,
when they were the only one who loved you?
how do you fill that void,
of your whole heart being wripped to shreads?
and not just once,
but everyday,
everyday when he touches you,
and sends chills through your body,
but then goes along,
not realizing that meant anything to you,
what do you do,
when you can tell hes hurting?
and you want to make everything better,
but you know your not the one,
the one that would make his pain go away?
what do you do,
when your whole heart is wripping out,
and the boy who knew you better than anyone,
can’t even tell that you are hurting?
how do you deal with this pain and loneliness inside you,
having to know that no one will ever care?