How I found my love…

A lost and lonely girl searching her lost and lonely soul to find her heart. The sad poor withered thing that it is. Full of self pity and despair she wandered the cold and barren land for what seemed like years yet was only days. Passed the poor beggars and the kingdom of maliciousness to the lake of forgiveness.

She was so weak from self sacrifice she could hardly stand. In to the lake she fell wishing to drown in her self pity. Only to me saved by a kind spirit … his brute and strength surpassed all she had met, so it frightened her a bit. His eyes were enchanted, she felt their souls touch. Their minds entangled one another and their anger for the world brought them closer than the animal lust they felt for one another. He was more afraid of pushing her away by pulling her closer, so he kept his distance. She could feel his heart beat from across this distance and she exhausted her soul trying to pull him near without actual touching physical bodies. The sadness she felt once had brought a many tear to her pale flesh, now it was painful happiness that made her cry, for she had found her heart. Yet it was not the sad poor withered thing she once thought it was, instead it beat five times that of any other being and was filled with the blood she now tasted when she so violently bit her love. For the only way she new to show love was through violence, hate, and anger.


  1. I thought tat this writing was great form of how you found your love and what love is all about. Keep up the good writing.
    Thank you,
    Kayla Davidson

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