how to do the laundry or Why i am stupid.

1. Because i am weak and naive and too sensitive so i let people do what they want with me.
2. Because i tell things i don’t mean just to hurt the people around me; it’s my only way to feel strong.

3. Because i have no ambition, i am always sleeping or crying for no reason.
4. Because i am not able to communicate with others, whatever i do they just see me as a stupid girl who needs attention.
5. Because i DO need attention, i want people surrounding me to care about me and my life.
6. Because i always forget to wash dark clothes in cold water.
7. Because i still love Kevin and i am to moron to admit it and call him to apologize.
8. Because i have no job, i don’t know what to do with my fucking life, i am childish.
9. Because i lost my bestfriend Emily and i didn’t make a move to find her, mabe she’s dead by the time i’m writing this and all i can do is stare at the floor.
10. Because Wink and Eric died from overdoses and i am still addicted to drugs.
11. Because i am complaining about my life instead of being positive.
12. Because i am making this fucking list when i know that there’s nobody out there to give a damn and so i better shut the fuck up.
13. Because i really miss my mom and i have been so cruel and insensitive with her, that’s why she hate me now.
14. Because i can’t put the blame on others, i know everything is MY STUPID FAULT. EVERYTHING.
15. Because i will keep on being stupid tomorrow, and the day after, and in two weeks i will be as stupid as today… and i wait for something, i just don’t know what yet.


blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.