how to help a lemming

It is a well known fact that suicidals are mentall unwell.
In teenagers this is due to raging hormones, ie: nothing important.
In adults, it is real and potentially dangerous.
It should be cured, or better, elimintaed.

Depression, suicidal tendancies and other such mental disorders,
Are a sign of weakness and should not be accepted.
The chronically depressed, those like lemmings, should be treated so.
March them to their deaths, as they wish, so shall they receive.

They should not be offered help as it encourages dependance.
They need to learn independance. Self help, and so forth.
You can help a depressed one by telling them what they want to hear.
It makes them happy and enables them to regocnise the truth.

Lesson one: I want to die, says depressed help-seeker.
You say: So die. Over there is a rope, over there is a tree.
If they follow your advive then another lemming is well rid of.
Congratulations on your altruistic professionalism.
If they dont then ignore them for they are being difficult.