who’s gonna stop hurting one another?
who’s gonna reflect on his actions, be it the oppressor and the oppressed, the serf and the lord, the journeyman and the professional?

who’s there is to judge us for what we are?
everyone has two faces, it seems so clear that the days are coming to an end.
who’s gonna gain the euphoria is the end?

there’s no guardian angels, fleeting around just to distribute pokets of comfort, no more religion to act as an opiate for us.

The days are fit for sin cities, where money is the linchpin, and ruthlessness are part of the gamble.
There’s no more 7th heaven, no more friends, and no more Days of our lives. reminscences of the desired, desires of the ignorant.

Everything dont seem so simple now. Everything is of such intricate complexity now.
I dont understand the feelings, the emotions that struck you like a bale of cold air, the impleccable squeeze of your fluttering heart, just to feel your life’s fragility and vulnerability.
Friends no longer treasure stuff that was once so sacred. Families is a thing of the past.
Like what the Mockingbird dictated, and what darwin proselytized, the survival of the fittest still stands fit to deny any reasoning, as it just seems so true.

What’s hurt to someone when you loved her for eons, as you believed?
She just cried her share, tried to apologise badly, and finally, moved on with life.
Little did she know how i felt.
Its so stupid. the breakup. It just lasted for 2 fucking months, and the wholesome fuckwittage episode is that she’s trying to placate me by reminding me to graps the last fabric of the beautiful memory. as if there’s any memories to hold on to.

She’s just plain weak, she did’t even tell me whats the reason.
Maybe she finds it a insult to fuckin santiary well being to associate herself with the scoundrel of the ground.

So i was fleeting in and out of baseless reality, trying in vain to find the very substance that can pull me out of this cesspool, a herculean feat that somehow made me turn to the dark side.

Still, i lived her.

Everybody understands the feeling of hating someone and adoring her at the same time? You are just being torn between two compulsions, your heart gets gnawed at night, your guts in your mouth when you see her . in school. in the same motherfuckin class.

Teach me somebody, to live on.