I am a Soldier

Well now you know.
In 13 hours i deploy for the first time.
i can’t say where to but its going to be rough.
thats the Army liffe i chose.
if i’m not back in 10 days something went wrong.
this mission should last only 5-8 days.
i want to say to those that wrote to me, thank you. it means a lot.
Blessed Be.


By martyr

sometimes the dead cry..you didn't listen.


  1. HDJ,
    thanx..all went well.
    that was about a month ago.
    i ended up in Vladivostok, Russia.
    it was really cold..it was only a training exercise.
    one question..if it was just training..why were there Special Forces there with me and 2 other 54B’s??

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