i am the universe

i’d like to be miss univers. i am truly beautiful, but i’m alone. and i feel like my loneliness explodes with more and more beauty and sensuality. My wet eyes make them cry. Men cry for me. the nights i spend alone under the stars are crimes against humanity. during those nights everything in me dies.

sometimes i dream. i dream that the entire world shares my bed. Egyptians, Bulgarians, Australians, men, women, gays, lesbians, jews, christians, everybody without natural selection, with tenderness. Then i become the universe and i explode in joy. After those dreams i have a cosmic orgasm. My stomach is a calm sea and my fingers run slowly between my legs. i am the universe and i have a reason to live. They love me. One man is not enough. My need for love is too deep. i am alone. each time i kiss somebody it makes me think about this desert full of people who hate me and i want to die.

the stars are too far and they can’t keep me warm. isolated in the sky. So i make love like if each time was the last time. And each time i give myself completely. i am the univers. i clean your souls. i make love to them and when they fall asleep i clean the room before i go away.

i am not here to save you. i do this for myself. i wanted to have clients for free but the other girls told me that it wasn’t good for them because they had children to feed. i am not sure if they understood my urge for love like a needle in my arm but they wanted me to stop.

it’s much easier in a motel. i just talk with the clients and i clean their rooms. i am truly beautiful. people love me. Some men want to marry me. when it’s finished i just knock on the next door. My name is Dagney. i suffer because i need love. i choose the people i want to fuck, but i choose them all. nice to meet you.


blehh. i dunno, ask me if it really bother you.


  1. Brilliant, need I say more? You are a
    truly wonderful and gifted writer. I
    understand I am the universe far too
    well. Meaningless sex breaks my heart.
    This brought tears to my eyes, you see
    the world for how it truly is.
    Whoever chooses this lifestyle, I weep
    for you.

  2. bleeding like the whore for whom you choose to bed, you meake me cry and use me, but i’ll be here for as long as you like. youre the one i need cause i cant be by myself…lead me to your dungeon and chain me to your wall. love me as you please and ill only please you more.

    Dagney you are brilliant. I was worried about you. I havent seen you here for awhile. i think we have more in common than i once thought. Im in love with your writing…in love with your mind. Glad to see you again. Beautiful Miss Universe.

  3. i know i haven’t been here very often since a couple of weeks. honestly i’m getting bored of reading the same kind of stories and the millions of “i’m so goth” posts. if only people could use their imagination… anyway thank you for your comments πŸ™‚ *kiss*


  4. Dagney and Masochistic Sweetness, you guys are amazing… its not often that a post here leaves me speechless anymore, but you managed… I can’t really describe what it made me feel… speechless. So good, So powerful, So amazing, So intense, So…

    I agree with you Dagney, its hard to find good material here lately, I miss the way this site was a few years ago. *sigh*

    And Masochistic Sweetness, I hated what you wrote, cuz it describes how I was a few years ago, and I don’t like that person.
    Just fucking brilliant, both of you.
    *applauses with teary eyes*

  5. Brilliant… I wish I could relate to you more… I suppose anyway… But I wanted to tell you, you are an incredible person

  6. lovely… i believe you finaly captured my mind.. in a more vivid sense …. well aprt of my mind … i understand the need for love and choosing who you fuck is every one … but i love how you write and the way you capture your thoughts

  7. Well that was unique Blind…..I like it…ya know its been like 4 months since I last checked out this site…how bad is that.

  8. MasochisticSweetness:

    Why dont you do your reserch

    I was here the same time as ‘notyou’ under the name ‘jewbashingmaniak’
    Do your reserch befor you try to act like a big man


  9. I’m hurt. Really, Jewfucking fucktard. Now , do you really think i give a fuck? like i’ve said to some of your other comments, why don’t you simply resume fucking your sister and leave the way you came. From a pigs ass.


    You cannot be taken seriously if you cannot use the English language. You like to promote your old name “jewbashingmaniak” a lot, attention seeker. Also a trait of being an attention seeker is reverting to National Socialism in teenage angst, I suppose you are a teenager? So why do you have National Socialistic opinions? I never knew that other National Socialists would accept someone of your illiterate stature?

    How old are you?
    Where do you live?

  11. such talent… and yet it is confined to simply this website, am i right? i suggest that you, as well as a few of the others at this site (very few) expand your appearances and attempt to make a name for yourself. then again, that’s not for all….

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