I Am Two

(For the darkness category)

I am two people. There is a me the world sees and a me only I will ever know. Personality number one hates the thought of hurting others or herself, has perhaps too much empathy at times, is highly emotional and knows what she wants. Personality number two just wants to hurt. She wants to torture and kill, she wants to break all the rules and doesn’t care about others and what they think. One me has a place in this life, the other does not.

One is strong, the other is powerful and exciting. One has a future, the other lives for the moment and to hell with consequences. One wants to live, the other doesn’t care about risking death, she embraces it. Are they both real? And it makes me wonder, if I hadn’t been raised in such a loving family knowing where I stand, would I be personality number two, and would I be happier? Would I even still be alive? Sometimes I feel restrained, I really have to keep the second me chained. I wonder how much it would take to break those chains. But really it’s not chained, because I allow it to roam in my imagination and my writing. It doesn’t scare me, because I have control over who I am. I have control… and I make my own destiny.

By Audryn

I search for truth and understanding...