i cant ignore

this submission belongs under peotic

i hear my heart beating
it spells out your name
it also spells death,
its all part of your game
the game you’ve been playing
i didnt know i was in
how bout we play my game now.
shall we begin?
it all starts with anger,darkness and pain
then you come back crawling and it all starts again

when the time goes backwards
you seem to be near,
your hearts cold as ice
for this reason alone
i get the knife and slice.
nearer than far
this is the time that i hate.
why do you come back?
am i bound by fate?

everytime i’m with you
i retreat into myself
its like all my emotions
are sitting on a shelf.
you pick one up, then smash it and go
i am nothing, i dont exist,
for all you know.

gentle whispers tell me i’m making a mistake
but i wont be fooled, i know they’re all fake.

i get it now
their your voices i hear,
trying to get me
to go back to my fear

I will not give in
like i have done so before.
but its still u
[I cant ignore]