I can’t take it anymore

It’s useless.
The people I claimed to know.
The people I claimed to love.
Aren’t what they appeared to be.

I wont hear of love anymore.
I’ve been hurt for the last time.
I…I can’t take it anymore.
Love is just a waste of time

Don’t say you love me
if it’s not true.
I guess I won’t say I love you.
The blade is so shiny!

I…I can’t take it anymore.
And I’m sorry..
Because it’s all over with me now.
I guess this is goodbye,
one last time.

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By QueenDraken

Uhm.... I am pretty mean most of the time, according to "Them" (The evil preps and posers at hell [a.k.a school].)...So I dun see why anyone would wanna talk to me, cus no one does anyway....Uh....I'll get back to you on that... (-Is off to go find herself-)