I die for you randomly (sins)

Cross my heart with your black lies. Stick the bitter into my eyes. Film over vision blures the rest. Apathy mixed with numb erases the memory. Salt in my wounds stains my soul. Distance scars my skin.

Eating me inside. Scratch below the surface. Expose the hurt inside. Twisting me like a coil. I break like glass and shatter everywhere.

In my head spreading dreams. In my hand craving red. Wicked knife in meek hand. Control me through the stars. Scar the innocent. Take all I have, nothing. Black and red are my nightmares. Blue is the color of escape.

Swallowed you and you coughed me up. Choked on you and you and you slit my throat. Cried for you and you shoved me away. Kill myself for you and erase your fears. The shame I feel and the tears I cry are blood on your shoes. The smile I painfuly show is for your happiness. Wipe away the tears stains and let me cry alone.

By LilithApocalypse

My heart stop and my blood turns to ice. Your stick your barbed wire fingers inside of me. You twist your fingers dripping with lies and cut your way into my life. I bleed you out. My veins drip life onto the floor