I don’t belong here.

Hi everyone. I just registered here to post something real fast, or maybe to reply to some things later. The meaning of my username and title are simply what they mean. Their context, however, is different.

I don’t belong here, in the darkness. I’m just a girl who lives in the suburbs, who was born into a middle class family, who loves her parents, her life, and her world. Now, I’m not naive, and I’m not saying that everything is perfect everywhere. Everyone here is posting shit like how they hate their lives, or how they are plagued by parent’s disinterest or just apathy or even depression. I mean, all of this really interests me, and i’m wondering how much of a difference there is between you and I. I don’t mean to antagonize anybody by posting this, but i’m curious about what makes the difference between a generally happy person and one that tries to be happy but just can’t, or a pessimist, or whatever. There are always days where i sit down and think about death, and days where i cry about how hopeless shit is, but more or less i get over it. I don’t know.