i dont think that jesus is a son of a bitch but..

i dont know but his mother say that jesus doesnt have a father so she have no sexual relationship when she had jesus so what this fuck really is there some stupid peopel who believe in this fucking i dont know what so really i m so scared when i saw that this kind of peopel existe sorry but its so fuckabel no sense.

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By blackmetalforever

i am the * blackest idiot in the world i see all in black just black in black im dressed in black i listen to black metal i like blackbeer like guiness or stout or * black other * i dont * no so lets guive a shit -blackmetalforever-


  1. In that era:
    If a woman (a virgin) had sex with a priest, she was still considered a virgin.
    If 5 people or more claim someone to be perfect, baring any obvious fuckups, they are.
    Gossip was as present in early AD as is it is today. All the “Bible” contains are letters of men gossiping like old hens. Telling eachother what they heard, or what they just made up. All scientists agree that there was an Ice Age, the evidence 1000 years ago could easily have been interpreted it to be a flood though. Besides, who has seen great sheets of ice moving boulders up mountains? A ocean current couldn’t do that. I don’t think that Jesus was a son of a bitch…but I do think that he was a liar, possibly delusional, at any rate he played the hand life dealt him and has remained present in the minds of millions. How many of us can expect to be rembered for 2000 years?

  2. i have a better idea to be remembered for 2000 years and people wont say your name every time they hear somthing crazy(jesus christ!) well its simmple just take over the world once or twice or just half the world and then die to a greedy,powerhungry woman like all of earths great conquers.

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