“i forgot the point i was getting @ while writing but oh well”

Why does everyone have to act like life is so bad?? My thing is . . .it is what you make it! What is so wrong with being who you are in a world like this? Its so stupid people get critisived for everything they do, wear, say, and what they look like and their religon. Why does it matter to everyone else out there weather you look like a so called “freak”?

Its not like it effects them one bit. If you don;t like how a person is dressed or anything like that then look the other way!! I hate it when the stupid “preps” and “jocks” make fun of others because they aren’t like them. i thank god everyday that i am not like them!! I am happy with what i am how i dress, my religion, and where i live. as for the people who don’t like me well thats fine because chances are i never liked you and never will and i can live with that because i probably won’t need you in my life anyways!!
I think its sad how people base their lives on what others think and they try to be the image of what people seen on t.v.
People that are like that ae so fake that it isn’t even funny!! But we are all that way we all judge everyone else, we all wish for something better, never realizing that if we tried hard enough or looked harder that we could find something better.
This world is full of nothing but hypocritcal people who are to blind and selfish to realize that the grass is just as green on your side of the fence as it is on the other. . . think about it

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By clipped_wings

i am a 17 year old female duh i like just about anything i like all types of music i dont know where i am going in life and i dont really care i have almost died a few times to many but oh well im still here and thats all that matters i guess most people get on my nerves and really piss me off but im usually a really cool person to know well thats what i have been told well if ya want to know more then e-mail me or something see ya round: ~Tara!~