I hate you

A world without you is a world without pain,
Never having to see your face grinning again,
All the times I have tried levelling with you,
You ruined my life, shat and spat on it too.

I’m sorry about that but it had to be said,
As much as it’s true I did not want you dead.
I loved you so much, and you said you loved me,
But past all your hate it was too hard to see.
I’ve questioned myself over so many times,
And yet found no answers, and have not seen my crimes.
It gets too confusing, but has to said,
That was refreshing, and I’m so glad you’re dead.

By rottenangel

I'm a quiet little being and I mostly mind my own buisiness, but I occasionally venture out into the world of today to conduct an analisys. Unfortunately, every one of these have been along the lines of "Shit.".