I hate you…but I love you.

You’re the torment of my soul.
You plague my dreams and become them.
In my dreams, you are my enemy,
The one that I wish to destroy.
But when it’s time for me to stirke my final blow,
I can’t do it, I just can’t destroy you.
I can’t kill you, I can’t force you to your death.
Then you laugh as you run your sword through me.
Before I die, you kiss my blood-covered lips
And whisper farewell as a I wake up from the nightmare.
I sit there in my bed, my bare body shivering
At the thought that one day the dream
Will soon become a reality.
One day, I will have to face you in a fight to the death
And I fear that I won’t be able to walk away from it alive.
For as much as you torment me,
As much as I despise you,
I’ll always love you.

By DemonAngel

I'm a 16 year old wiccan witch that doesn't take crap from anybody. But don't worry. I don't bite (often). ;)