i have a question pleas help!!!!

I have always wondered to be a Goth does that mean you have to hate everyone? Can’t you still have friends that aren’t Goth if you can stand their cheerfulness? I hang out with my friends who are churchgoers I Evan go but don’t care I just go so my friends would stop bugging.

I am a half Goth I think like one and I look like one but, I still like biking its like my anti depressant. Does that make me a poseur Goth? I like looking at the sun but I also love vampires and admire them…I hope that anyone will help Evan you old friend morningstar2002…I haven’t been on lately but I am on all the time now so will some one help please?

By Daynte666

I may be young but I am now turning gothic and I love vampires. My parents don't care so i live a semi-happy life