I knew I could

People say life is happy
and so full of glee
but why do they say it?
It’s not like that for me

My life is like hell
theres no happiness there
step into my world
do you even dare?

Does your dad yell
and scream in your face?
Call you a whore
no your not in my place.

Do you have a mom
to love and care for you?
Well I don’t so
fuck you and your momma, too.

I’m sorry, but
that’s how I feel
I want my life back
don’t say its not a big deal

I want to wakeup
happy once more
no more being called
a bitch or a whore

Drugs and alcohol
are parts of my life,too.
Wouldn’t it be yours
if this happened to you?

I think so
don’t try to deny
I’m tired of all the bullshit
and all of the lies

My life is shit
It’s its own living hell
never to be happy
but oh fucking well

I’m used to it now
not being like it used to be
It’s like this forever
won’t you come join me?

You know you want to
you have to admit that you do
so come on in
I’ll show you whats new

Don’t be scared
I’m right here
this is my world
and I’m always near.

Your here with me
your stuck with me now
I’m your ruler, your my bitch
so get down and bow.

You wondered what it
would be like to have a scary life
you wondered what drugs do
and the real use for a knife.

Well now you know
but your stuck here for good
see, I talked you into it
I knew that I could.

By darkfarie420

My name is Julie. I love to write poetry. I'm not talking about that happy shit you read. I mean dark poetry. I often get angry and pissed at the world so I let it all out in my poetry. I'm not saying I'm a depressed child. Well I am but writing about dark stuff helps all he pain. really, it does. ~peace~