I Like Myself Too Much

Maybe I’m just a simple pre-teen,
Maybe I don’t need my Paxil to stay sane,
Maybe she just perscribed it to keep me away from the councilling buildling,

Maybe I should just flush it down the crapper,
Maybe I should stop taking it all together right now and let that sickining sensation make me vomit all over my keyboard and computer.

Maybe I’m just a simple computer geek with a strength in the arts of writing and drawing,
Maybe I dont need to punch my brother for pleasure,
Maybe she just perscribed me to that horrid medication to give me anger,
Maybe I should just jump off a building and end it all,
Maybe I should stop drawing angered comics to show my anger.

And yet, I like myself too much to end it all.

By Nightmare Follower

-ehm-... just read my about me section on my webpage... i can be very confusing writing off the top of my head @_@