i need advice please

im sorry but i need help. um, well my mom put me in coulnising, cuz she thought there was somethin wrong w/me being in my room constley. but anyway i started cutting. my consler dosent kno but one of my friends had a idea that i might be so she asked to see my wrists. then she saw all the cuts and i promised i would stop if she diddnt tell anyone. so now its christmas break and i really really want to cut but i am trying not to cuz i kno if she sees my wrists she will tell my parents. so i just had to cut and now i am slicing up my body. well my feet hert like hell cuz they hav cuts all over them. and i can barley sheve my legs cuz there are cuts all over them to.

i really really want to stop but i feel like i cant. . . please just try to read this and try to give me some advice.

By darkpixie835

i hav been deppresed latley[ i started to cut myself ] but im in counsling now. . . it doesent work!!! im lookin forward to puttin stories on this site & i hope some of u ppl read them deppresed little suicdal gothic loser sitting all alone in the dark i hate this i hate evreything i just wish someone would kill me. . . .