i need help…

i have lots of problems…. my mom kicked my ass out and my dads house is hell i hate my mom soo much u dont understand…shes always treated me like shit. i hate her. but ne ways i every time i cared about some1 they left me or hurt me every one has so i have learned to try to get away when i care about someone so its really hard to go have a boyfriend this was cuz i like them and i fell in love with this one kid but he dosnt want me back becuase i broke up with him twice.

and this other kid made out with sum other gurl and gets mad cuz my profile says my secret crush is cute!! but he can go make out with some other fuckin gurl!! yeah am i wrong or sumthing did i go mad?? am i fuckin physco….
i dont get this anymore cant people see that im hurt inside forever…i cant cry anymore i just cant sometimes i can but now i cant i just always put my head down and walk and not look at anyone. people are mean to me sometimes i dont know y i dont even talk to them. my life isnt going anywhere im all by myself. why dont people just understand?? all i want is to be left alone. this kid threw a piece of candy in my hair thinking he was cool what a faggot i have never even talked to this kid and he calls me a fuckin poser but what the fuck is a fuckin poser…someone who copied it just to fit in?? i dont want to fit in w/ any 1 i just want to be left alone and die… thats what i want im gonna kill myself i hate my life everything about it. but i had to vent so if u can help me with anything email me [email]pinacolada5@hotmail.com[/email]

By Dark and Scared

Hey im 14/f and i just want people to leave me alone!! i never do ne thing to people and they just wont stop and leave me alone. no wonder y people kill other people!! just leave people alone its that easy!


  1. Things in life are only going to get harder for you. That’s the way things have to be. The strong survive and the week give up and miss out on the cool shit that comes after the bullshit. Yeah you think people suck, but look around you, who are these people. They are nobody, just stupid immature kids. As for your parents, well that’s another part of life. I think 1 out of every million kids have good parents. Just sleep all the time, unconsciousness always helps in getting through tough times, and that’s all this is. These are tough times that everyone your age has to deal with. It’s a part of growing up and finding out who you are, who you definitely are not, and what you can and cannot do. Your not like them, you more then that. I do agree with you about not wanting to make friends or have a boyfriend. If those were my options I would rather not talk to anyone either. Don’t think though that you have nothing. Your in the fucking sunshine state, you got the warm weather, the beach. I am moving to St. Petersburg this summer and I can’t wait. You are at least lucky to be where you are. You can always find something to live for, even if it is living because nobody wants you alive. Don’t be so negative all the time, it doesn’t help make things better. Life does go on and if will get better I promise you. Plus College is so much more fun then high school or middle school, so you should change your focus t o getting into College. It is totally different and you’ll love it, just try to get through these next few years. You’re just as strong as the next person that has been in your shoes, you’re gonna be fine.

  2. okay. first off, calm down. things may seem to be piling up right now, but if you just step away from the situation and calm down, you’ll see that it’s not so bad.

    1) your parents kicked you out of the house. why? do you have somewhere you can stay for a couple of days? if not, do you have any money so you can go to a motel for a couple of days?

    2)people are deserting you. it happens to everyone now and then, it’s just something you have to get used to. don’t torture yourself over some guy who’s never gonna take you back. you’ll see that once things calm down, you can probably do a lot better. i doubt you want him right now, you’re probably just looking for someone supportive.

    3) do not, i repeat, do not kill yourself. think about it. someone will miss you. you don’t realize it now, but someone will miss you. you’re having a tough time right now and you need support. so write. i’ll read it.

    best of luck to you.


  3. Jeez. You’re 14 right? The good stuff hasn’t even started for you. I mean God, when I was fourteen I was bruised and fucked up, and about to move to a whole different country. My life was just starting.
    You hate your mom? I hated my Dad, he beat me up repeatedly and put me in hospital when I was eight, so far gone they didn’t know if I was gonna regain consciousness. I haven’t killed myself yet, have I ?

    You think you wanna die? I’m almost certainly dying … you wanna tell me that’s a good thing? No, it’s a waste. A damn waste of all the chances you’ve been given, and all the chances you haven’t even got yet.

    You think you wanna take the cowards way out and end any actual chance at happiness you might have? You don’t … trust me.

    I got no pity for you, I really don’t. If it sounds harsh I’m sorry, but life’s a fight and you can’t just sit back and expect it to be easy for you. It’s damn hard for everybody else too. What makes you different ?
    Nah, you’re not a hopeless case, you’re in a bad patch, that’s all. I’m not gonna be nice or tell you it’ll all be okay. It will NEVER all be okay, but you can live with it. You can find the good bits to outbalance the bad shit. You’ll get stronger and life won’t seem so hard.
    Oh … and don’t worry too much about boyfriends and falling in love and shit like that. It’s not important right now – be young, and stop trying to grow up so goddamn fast, it isn’t worth it.

  4. i think that u do have ppl to talk to and care about but u wont know it till they show u so its not worth it to wait -ps we r all here so just post and feel better!

  5. About the killing yourself thing…yeah if you killed yourself you wont be here to enjoy that you’re gone…if that makes sense. You want to kill yourself…but then you’ll just be dead. When you’re dead you don’t even have a chance of living anymore, like you do right now. And I agree with the person who said you’re young and you dont need to worry about falling in love and shit like that. Dude, you’re 14. 14!! WHY do you want to look for love?! I wish I was single right now!! Just have fun! And laugh at everyone else because you’re having fun despite their efforts to destroy you! Dont give up. That sounds cheesy I know…but you have your whole life ahead of you.
    And this is really hypocritical of me to say because I was ready to kill myself the other day, but think about it. That was one day for me. One bad day. Sleep and you’ll feel better. Like that other person said just sleep a lot. And sorry to the people who said all of that…I’m just too lazy to scroll up. But to that other person/people who say life’s tough and it’s just a bad stage…it’s true. Just have fun and do your best to make life as enjoyable as possible, if possible.

  6. Hey thank u soo much 4 ur advice i wish i would of read it like 3 days ago….im better now i got sent to circles of care i just got out a few hours ago….im gonna live my life enjoy it and im not gonna quit this 1 kid helped me threw it and i even got to leave 24 hours early i think i changed and right now im sooo happy i cried when i heard i could just come home and i also cried when i saw my dad life means alot to me now and im never gonna throw it away.. im never going back to coc i promised myself this but thanks u soo much 4 ur advice

  7. Good 4 u buddy.Id rather have my parents hate me then beat me.So dont go pull all this bullshit on u have many problems.Realety chek,every has problems.So hun get off of ue ass and look out on to other peoples live and see that the world dosent revaolv around u.

  8. Okay Scarynightmare, your an asshole. We are all tryin to be supportive. Yeah every does have shity lives, yeah some people have it worse. She wasn’t asking you to tell her she is stupid, she already thinks that. She was asking for advice and trying to make things better. Everone needs someone and she felt alone. What the fuck? Are you saying it is not okay to admitt when your upset? I think it is perfectly healthy for her to vent when she has bad times. Everyone needs to vent sometimes. Don’t be a dick head!

  9. i wasnt fuckin wanting ppl to feel srry 4 me i needed some advice or sumthing and u know wat scarynightmare screw u!!! if ur gonna be an asshole then dont fuckin reply to this!!!!! get it!! im sorry that my life isnt that messed up but i still have problems that i need fuckin help with!!!!

  10. that is true. just because someone is not having the worst problems in the world doesnt mean they shouldnt have help. it still affects them. maybe dark and scared was being a little whiney but it doesnt matter. people still need help. so leave them alone.

  11. hey, if he/she needs to bitch on us then let him/her. we don’t have to listen do we? and everybody has an opinion. Even assholes need a forum to speak.

  12. You guys are so blunt about everything. As funny as it is, you guys are mean.

  13. stop fighting this is here to help someone not fight eachother…..
    ok dark and scared, do not kill yourself over anythng like that take me for example… i have been in a relationship with a guy that beat me and when i did get out of it it didnt help he still comes around and he still beats me every single day and he has raped me before but i have not killed myself yet. At school noone likes me cuz i wear long sleeved shirts even in summer so they think iam weird but i am only hiding bruises and they talk bout me they do all kinds of things but i am not glnna let a few assholes ruin my life, i will get stronger and beat that guy one day and as for school they are all a buch of idiots who’s opinion is based on things they see not htings they know. so do not even think of killing urself over this. oh and one other things, bout parents… my dad is a drug addict and so is my mom so i raise myself and they dont help me when they see the bruises from that guy they tell me i am gonna be a nobody but i will prove them wrong. and so should you. doont kill yourself prove you can be a somebody!

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