i need..some MORE..help..-__-

Um..hi agian,ya well..might as well get to the point.My mother tells me that i dont have “Dperession” but..in my eyes,i do,she keeps telling me to go out and be with my friends..and get fresh air,but really,all id like to do is sit in side and type on this damn computer!

..she doesnt understand me..and im getting frustraited (duno if thats how ya spell it)..she is even taking away my music (that would be my heavy metal shit) and forced me to go to some wierd youth group thing..she is ruining me..she is making my depression worse.I have Self Asteam problems,Depression problems,and Eating problems,oh and sleeping problems ….and i dont know how im ever gunna get out of this..or if i even want to now..its so welcoming..but i hate it…ya..well..i wont continue becuse ill just scare you all,could you help me out?

By ZombieGirl

Hi,your reading bout a really misunderstood child,named Emma..ya so..hope you enjoy some of my story things,take care of yourself's,bye


  1. if your mom can’t see that you have problems then she is seriously blind.

    take advantage of the youth group. be yourself there, if your mothr doesn’t see something is wrong with you, the leader of the group may, and he/she may try to convince your mother to let you get help.

    best of luck to you.


  2. For Fuck’s sake get out and stop hanging ot with your computer. Yeah right like I am talking to my self. Get in a group and go out after school. Even on weekends,

    Thats my life and it suits me.

  3. Sounds like my tennage years: always poking at the computer while my Mom tried to make me go outside or go to youth group or get involved in sports and other traditional “fun” things.

    Although it would have been nice to develop some social skills (I am 21 and the only person I associate with that I don’t hate is my girlfriend), I don’t think that going out to waste time with the athletic yahoos in the area would have helped me.

    My advice: make an effort to meet people and spend time with them but realize that you might not like the people around you and there is a good chance that you, like me, consider online communities like this to be where you belong and fit in.

    The fun that is being young,

  4. Yes, you do sound as if you have depression, I know it well and have suffered from it over the years in one way or another at different times. It’s hard sometimes to drag yourself out of it all and see some sense in the world around you, find those things that can lift you up long enough to get out of it. As for your mother she sounds like she doesn’t understand or that she is afraid to deal with your depression and trying to get others to solve the problem for her…maybe she even sees some of herself in it and is afraid.

    Keep writing, ZombieGirl, it helps lots to get things out of your system that way, either here or in a text file in your computer. I’ve been keeping things like a ‘diary from hell’ to write down some of my bouts of depression, anger and frustration down in….and it feels all the better after it is down and written. You can look back too then and see if there is a pattern there for yourself which may not at first be obvious.

    Hope this helps some

  5. HI there

    I know this feeling,like being depressed and on one hand just feeling “comfortable” with it and just wanting to be sad and stuff, but on the other hand i think “this sucks, im sick of it”…but i cant really manage to pull myself out if it then…
    Well my problem too is, that I spent (and still spend) too much time in front of the computer… Im kinda really adicted to it i guess…a flight from reality, “my best friend”…blah…it somehow reminds me of how Tolkien describes the relationship between Gollum and The Ring: “He loves and hates The Ring at the same time, just as he loves and hates himself”…thats how I feel about it and the computer…

    Well enough about me, and I just wanna tell you: Get out! Dont waste your time (especially your youth!) in front of that unreal box! I know, its nice and comfi here, but I think you should at least get some more real contact…dont you have some Gothic/Metal Club near yours? Or some like-minded ppl in your school? My last girlfriend was quite like me and Im seeing more “of us” every day it seems to me 🙂

    Dont get stuck up here, please…

  6. hey,

    I agree with the comments that have been written down here. You do need to get away from your commy – it’s good as a hobby but not as life.

    But i’ve been there and i know it’s hard to get yourself going again once you get yourself in a rut. I have real trouble making new friends, i’m shy and have a problem trusting people and am terrible at socialising, but in the end i’ve found some really good people who i like being around. and you will too.

    head up and smile

  7. i was like that, then i joined a night gym with this guy named Manny who is still my coach. i got away from my home, (i even ended up in two different countries), I started to learn how to fight, push myself and challenge my own limits, learned to coach people who were angry and frustrated just like myself. I made some great friends and you don’t realize how much you need them until you work out what you’ve been missing.

    It’s all about finding people who you don’t have to work hard to be around. People who get you – and you won’t find them at a computer. Not really.

    Only you can know what’s going on in your head, and you can’t blame other people for not understanding. It sounds like you’re pushing your mom away anyway, so it isn’t surprising she doesn’t know where your head’s at.

    So I guess you got to work this one through. Trust me, you DO want to find something better because you’re not happy now. You’re not living, and you could be. You could make something worthwhile.

    Comfort is so easy to fall into. When you’re down sometimes it’s just easier to stay down, because the sky always seems further away when you’re flat on your back.
    But when you’re older you’re gonna say “what the fuck was I doing with my youth?” coz you know there’ll come a time when you’re not able to go out and be who you wanna be. So don’t waste the time you’ve got – you have the rest of your life to sit on your ass at a computer.

  8. Seem’s everyone has said all i was going to say when i read this. So there’s not a lot of point me replying, but i will anyway.
    I feel like that sometimes, i don’t wanna go out or do anything. I often feel like i need help, but my Mom never saw it either. I dont think they like to think anything is wrong with us. She may be making it worse but it seems she’s trying to help, but doesnt know what to do. She has the right idea, trying to get you to go out etc. If you go out, hang with friends etc then it may help to take your mind off it.
    It often feels to me like im going in circles and as soon as it seems to be getting better something happens and it all goes downhill again.
    Try to find something that makes you happy and takes your mind of the sadness. It’s a start.

    Keep on going, Good luck, Take care

  9. when everhave a hard time sleeping, I do out and com[pletely wear myself out, i mean stay up as long as i ca doing wtuff like running around annoying friends aka wraping, but the point is to make yourself so tired that your body just makes you sleep. it always works for me, but it isn’t for everyone. mr nice

  10. at least people try lord. often more than you yourself deign to do.
    Besides, people are far more likely to take advice from alot of voices, than just one solitary voice. Volume is the key.

  11. I used to be in the same situation… Just keep on acting on what you feel and doing what you want, and hopefully your parents will learn to accept it. when they realize that they cant do anything to change you, the disaplin will porbly die down a lil. well, worked 4 me anyway 😉 *hope that helped*
    – X.x

  12. i dont want to tell you what everyone else is but by this point i do feel that you really do need to find something that you are intrested in(not on the computer). i am alot like you though my mother is the opposite. all she does is rub it in my face that i am bi-polar with a severe underlined depression. i cant do anything without hearing about it. it just sounds like your mother doesnt want to beleive that you, her daughter, is hurting. she might have denial up the ass or she might not know what to do for you and trys to aviod the whole situation, just try to make her undersand without putting any titles like depression on it. if you really think that you need help tell her you would like to start seeing a therapist or counselor and take it from there. that thought of you suffering might scare her to the point where she wants to just hide it whether or not it is the right thing for you. try to see it from her point of veiw, who knows maybe she will come around.

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