I remain yours.

I remain yours,
Might you even leave.
I remain,
Even in the putred of my hate,
It can’t change…

Time will seed me again,
We will see each other again.

Lonely one, I know how it goes.
As solitary makes you sick,
The world around will make you numb,
Leave the emotion now.
Nostalgia will stay,
But the heart will grow again…….

Speak to me please!
Why? Not? Do you fear me?
I’m but only a cast of you,
As are you a cast of me.
I beg you,
Differ from your plea,
Hear mine for once.

You know this,
But I need to speak,
One is different, and two are one.
Need is a necessity,
Love is a beautiful lunacy.

Do what you must,
But remember this,
I need you not, nor do I love you.
I am nothing more but yours.

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By WinterlonG

I am 17 at the moment, 1.85m, idle bored. Dreaming for a dream, praying for a prayer.............