I scream, you scream, we should all scream for SCREAM QUEENS!

It has been said that, where comedy is concerned, a fine line exists between stupidity and genius. SPINAL TAP comes foremost to mind in favor of the latter at first appearing as the former. Likewise, I at first was not sure on which side of the dividing line Fox’s new series SCREAM QUEENS would land. It took me a while to decide—about two minutes. The show, as much as the 2-hour debut and follow-up episode can serve as a barometer of the entire series, is sharp, clever and scathingly funny. Someone described it as MEAN GRLS meets SCREAM, which is a good analogy. When forced to watch a few minutes of that Lindsay Lohan flick a few years back, I found myself wishing fervently that a killer would show up and start offing vapid bimbos. In SCREAM QUEENS that actually happens, and it is glorious.

A biting satire of the genre and a merciless indictment of college sororities—which deserve such treatment—I initially balked when I heard the creators of GLEE cooked up this stew. (I dunnae like high school musicals or TV shows concerning them.) But then I heard that the same creators are also responsible for AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I’m happy to report SCREAM QUEENS is more in that particular vein—which makes me feel downright gleeful.

source: www.fox.com

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