I see no point…

Honestly whats the point in loving when all i do is get screwed over time and time again?
I see no point in dating any more when most (not all) but most women are in it for the money.
I try my hardest to make things work out but i always gt hurt in the end.
I’m begining to think i could find bliss in ignorance.

By martyr

sometimes the dead cry..you didn't listen.


  1. no point..we get hurt..get dissed or whatever..we cant make ourselves stop feeling despite all these..maybe you need to stop loving..just be loved for awhile..ya know…

  2. the point is to feel love, can you honestly say you would rather have never felt love at all? in my opinion I much rather would have felt that few months of absolute beauty and that year of absolute torture than never have felt the love at all, seems as though you are dating the wrong people, if all they want is money, try and focus on the good part of love opposed to bad. You don’t nssisarily need to stop loving forever, but a break prob woulnd hurt

  3. Really where are these women, I have money, a nice car, etc… I still don’t get dates. In fact I see more women just out for sex than anything. If your looking for love you won’t find it dating isn’t about finding that special someone, its about finding someone to keep your sheets warm!

  4. I don’t see a point either! I am a beautiful sexy and intelligent woman. I like wearing the classy clothes and dress in elegant fashions (even when somtimes I really have no place to wear them~wish I did). I make my own money and I am very independent. Granted I have simple and logical views on life that are considered weird and strange to most of my friends but that only makes me unique. I have been dating yes, but damn where did all the good men go to. The ones that make you do that little ~damn~ thing in your head when you look at him. I want someone to inspire me not someone to PAY FOR ME~!! I can pay for myself, but with this attitude all it seems to do is intimidate the males of the species here where I live. I feel that if they realize that I was with them because I wanted to be instead of being with them because they supported me, they would feel better about themselves and we would have a relationship that was based on truthful issues. I don’t just want sex either I WANT love(if I wanted sex I’d just ask for it). That is the hardest thing to find in this day and age where jerks and asshole rein supreme (forgive me but they do where I live). I just thought you would like to know its just not the males. Some women, like me, have a problem with finding what we want in a partner.!~Lady Tessa

  5. If you have no luck with men, why not try with women? You never know, you may just like it.

  6. I forgot to add before, I was talking to you Tessa, just so that no one gets this mixed up.

  7. I have tried women…Still working in that area but its hard to tell which ones are willing to become lovers instead of just friends with~I really just wish to find someone who inspires me to be in love just not to love someone~Lady Tessa

  8. Personally, while I prefer women, I have better luck with men. Men are more like comrades to me. I don’t know many women who share my interests, and those that do inevitably end up being fierce competitors. Who ever came up with the idea of the “sisterly bond” of lesbian love never encountered me and my ex’s…

  9. Oh man you don’t know how true that is….
    I’m personally sick of all of these little girls who just want their “guy” so that they can tell all of their little friends about their “guy”. I’ve been looking for a woman who has her own job/money her own car, and her own things. All I ever wanted was someone who is headed in the same direction as me. I am not your stinking father, don’t ask my permission for stupid stuff, I’m also not your babysitter, if your bored then get unbored, read a book, start a conversation with me, ask if I’d like to go for a walk, whatever. Just don’t expect me to be your television. The thing that pisses me off the most is these girls who are relatively smart and good looking, who always want to talk to you about their stupid relationships with their jock truckhead deadbeat boyfriends, and how bad he sucks. Then they go and tell you how cool you are that you are like everything every woman is looking for, and some woman will be very lucky to get you. Ya know what “shut the fuck up!” Maybe I should start taking steriods and fry my brain on drugs, sell my business and quit my job. Maybe then women would want to go out with me.

    Yikes sorry bout that, its just this whole valentines day thing creeping up. There is nothing worse than having to sit around with your friends and watch them suck face all night, and then tell you how lucky you are to be single……? Eat my shorts thank you…

    ***runs out in middle of street, raises arms high in the air and screams “I HATE MYSELF I WANT TO DIE” then takes a huge bite out of a greasy dripping chesseburger, and falls to ground. Alas as my heart stops and my arteries clogged, I feel no more pain******


  10. Yeah, love sucks dont it? That’s exactly why this here Southern boy is gonna stay a bachelor. I aint gettin screwed over and have my heart stomped on, piss on that man.

  11. That was a colorful description of how things are with what i like to term as the ICE PRINCESSES. They are not in it for the passion or the love of things. They are in it so they can have a father to dis on. I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It ruins perfectly good men out there. ~Sighs~ Tell me something please. Why can’t I have the guy who own his own buisness and can be independent for himself and want their woman to be the same. I mean damn…..If I want to do something I”LL DAMN WELL DO IT with or without you. The only thing I ask to the guy I am with (not that I am with anyone now~that’s the problem) is if he wants to come, or if I am going to ruin plans, or if I am gonna be in his way. I might tell him about what I am doing but permission is mine to give myself.

    ~walks out calmly and casually to the street kicking the half eaten cheeseburger out of her way..kneels down beside him all sullen and sad..lays a peace lilly on LordShadows body placing his hands over his chest and heart so he holds the delicate flower..then raises her voice to the sky and screams “WHY TAKE THIS ONE….WHY NOT TAKE THE JERKS…THERE ARE PLENTY OF THEM…BUT PLEASE NOT HIM…” her voice to a whisper as she leans over him crying in desperate sad tears for dramatic effect “please don’t take one of the good ones.. they are becoming extinct…please let him live”…traffic stops to watch the scene~

    (sorry had to add to the drama)

    Sincerely~Lady Tessa

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