I shed a tear

Lost friend
A person I’ll miss
Six feet in the sand
Left with a kiss
I shed a tear
Troubled souls
Forgotten past
Lightless glow
Flames set a blast
I shed a tear
Hiding in my closet
Mind crying out in pain
Pockets drowning in debt
I’m going insane
I shed a tear
Heart racing now
Eyes losing color
A smell so fowl
Oh help me brother
I shed a tear
Darkness closing in
Heart slowing down
Have I committed sin
My brother is no where to be found
I shed a tear
Coldness runs over me
I can not move
Their is nothing to see
No one here to prove
I shed my last tear

By FadedSnow

Have fun every day live life to the fullest. Because, you never no when it might end. So cheer up and move on.