I was Sarah

I’m Sarah, I’m 3 Years old, I’m home alone, Sitting in the Darkness, against the wall, mommy and daddy Left 2 Hours ago, I’m happy there Gone.

Daddy Makes mommy Cry. theres these marks on my body, Daddy made them, *looks around the Room,* Why dosen’t mommy Hug me anymore? Why does daddy Make her cry? I can hear them at night. Daddy Yells, Mommy yells Back, they say bad words, then Mommy Starts Crying, Then Daddy comes in to my Room, He hits me, *looks out the Window, A car is in the Drive WAy, * I’m sarah, I’m only 3 years old, daddys Car is here, mommy and daddy are here, I can see them getting out of the Car, I see mommy Trying to stop daddy, Daddy Hits mommy, Mommy Falls down, Daddys Comming, I can hear his footsteps on the step, I can hear the Key in te lock, I look for a place to Hide, But I’m to scared to move, Daddy Slams open the Door, his Face is red, He scares me, I’m Sarah, I’m Only 3, daddy runs to me and yells, “I’m Tired of taking your Crap little girl!” “I’m sorry Daddy!” Cries sarah, Daddy picks me up, I can see mommy on the Ground On the Step, she’s crying, She watching Daddy hurt me, I can hear her Whispers, “No, Please no, Stop Hurting my baby, please stop!” She whispers, daddy throws me, It hurts so much, I think My back is broken, I’m sarah, I was only 3, That night, Daddy killed me, THere Was an Angel, She was Dressed in black, She took my hand And took me away FRom daddy, “it Dosen’t hurt any more” I say quietly, I was Sarah, I was only 3.

Ok, I admit, THis Kinda stunk, But I was just REally bored so I wrote it down.