I Would Walk 500 Miles (x2)

IT FOLLOWS, released in 2014, is a modern classic, a masterpiece, and anyone who doesn’t agree is either twelve years old or simply never developed any sense of taste beyond the one contained in their mouths. Using a supernatural threat as metaphor for a sexually transmitted disease, the film managed to score astronomically high on the creepy scale. I’m going to assume all of you have seen the movie, thus there is no need for me to synopsize it for you. You already know it works. “It” (not to be confused with IT, aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka the giant spider, aka the swirling “Dead Lights”) takes on different forms and chases people, 80’s slasher-style (meaning it takes its own sweet time about it, never running) and kills them when it finally catches them.

How far, then, did “It” travel in the film? According to blogger mhofmeyer over at moviesfilmsandflix.com, who did some serious crunching of numbers (Math: Now there is one thing that TRULY terrifies me.), the entity walked just a tad over 1000 miles. I am more than willing to take your word for it, Mr./Ms. mhofmeyer. Your data looks sound to me.

Which incarnation of “It” (No, I told you, NOT the clown!) was scariest to you?

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By TheCheezman

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