IceCold Numbness

Secretly we all find pleasure behind pain,
Dark clouds of betrayal make the ways of the world so irate and impossible to explain,
Twisted contridictions distort rightieous purity,
Diabolic results of sorrow occur from our own insecurity.

Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think, can’t feel,
Only so much time can blend before your dead and everything in life seems so surreal,
Its like your dreaming when your awake and only deep sleep brings perfection,
Life resembeling a dream is a result of gazing back into a unbroken mirror invisiably shattered at a jaded reflection.

Your sanity fears nothing more than the unfullfilled desires that bring your darkest fears to life and make your nightmares come true,
The strongest of those desires is to smile with satisfaction as reality slowly fades throughout the clogged drain of perception and finally passes through,
Hope for dreams to come true does not exist but yet there is no lacking apathy, deceit, or subversion,
You now so weak, you can no longer hide or control the harsh betrayal of raw disdain from secretly envying the absense of conversion.

Your left without yourself, without meaning, all thats left is the empty sensation,
Tingling sensations running throughout your body, causing feelingless sensitivity, the complete numbness is as close as the living dead come to compensation,
So cold and unfeeling its as though ice penetrates your veins, leaving nothing left but void,
The coldness leaves scars so deep they never fade or heal, your optimism is hopelessly jaded and your dreams are destroyed.

The thought that dreams just might could come true, the hope to find the contentment they never really knew,
Would never have imagened the tragedy that new found hope quickly disappeared and turned into,
Sold their soul to fill not only insercurtity but that hollow emptiness that ate away inside,
Supposed misfortune of the tragic sucidial deaths of those that never died.

Blended time is blurred, almost revived, then once again erased,
Meaninglessness can’t be forgotten, realize and admitt that your entire existence is nothing but a waste,
Deceit never fails to rain, turning hope into false optimism and just to think you were told that it would last,
The price paid for your soul was nothing more than an illusion of deceit, the sun shines only temporarly because when you hate it, it always seems to last and when you want it, it goes way to fast.

By Broken_Reflection_Jaded_Image

Known as pessmistic, unfriendly, apathetic, and introverted!