Idea That Makes Me Happy

I get annoyed with people who seem to have everything. They always think they are everything. I imagine when I talk about the kind of people I want to be around, they always assume it is themselves and their group. I do not feel like I could or would want to though. They are beautiful and they have money, but I would just feel put down all the time. Mainly, because of who I am. Then they would start reacting to that. Even though I think, they think they are funny. They are not. I feel somewhat good that they think I should hang out with them, but I think of something else when I think of comfort.

I imagine myself in large buildings where everyone has separate offices and separate projects that they oversee. Occasionally we would swap papers for criticism, then give them back. There would be a lunch room, but no one would ever go there. Even though it is not installed in the office we would all mysteriously have our own refrigerator, even though nobody ever said anything about it. In fact, there would be a lot of things that as long as no one says anything, we all think we are the only ones. However, if someone did manage to talk to someone else mass hysteria would break out. All would be positive all the others were stalking them and mimicking their lifestyle, because of whatever it was they were working on. Some would see psychologists about it and find out it is normal. That is why everybody else was doing it. Then still suspicious, they would not want to be normal anymore, but decide everyone would have that response, therefore in enough time everyone else would change. Making the appearance they were the individual. In this way, as long as no one said anything they all remained the same, but different in their own mind. Those are the kind of aloof, intelligent, critical and very introverted people that would make me feel comfortable. I would never have to talk to anyone unless it was necessary or they had some kind of mid life crisis and thought they should know more people. No reason in the World to be afraid of anyone. I would be surrounded by my own kind. I would make me feel much more comfortable. Sometimes being normal is not too bad. It is comforting knowing that I am not alone. This idea makes me happy. Stops the thoughts of my own demise.