The title of this article comes as a result of the reply that Director Michael Dougherty made on his official Twitter page to a fan who asked if they were going to change the design of Godzilla for the upcoming sequel, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. Dougherty’s actual words: “He is evolution in the flesh, so…” This would seem to confirm that yes, they will alter the design, although it’s possible the Director is just teasing the fans. I actually would be surprised if they DIDN’T tweak Big G a little bit, but I hope that’s the extent of it. Tweak his look a little bit; nothing major. I thought his giant scaly badness looked perfect in 2014’s GODZILLA. I wouldn’t want him to look radically different in the sequel.

Yes, I do realize that Godzilla has had dozens and dozens of different looks throughout the years. Some have been better than others. In THIS universe, though, the Legendary universe, the Giant Monsters universe the company is creating, the “Monsterverse,” I like the way Big G was depicted just fine. I loved the new design ToHo gave to the big guy, too, one that’s not radically different but is just different enough to set him apart from his American counterpart. I thus refer to these two iterations as “Shin Godzilla” and plain “Godzilla.” Will I have to add a new category, “Godzilla 2.0”? I hope not. I trust Dougherty, though. I don’t think he’ll take things too far. Godzilla will still look like Godzilla.

Ah, but if they DO change the design a tad, they’ll get to make and sell new action figures, won’t they?