If only

you sit below her window hoping shell look out hoping shell her the pelting rocks you sit there and sit there
if only you knew
if only youd heard the screams of her mother if only…
shes laying on the floor. bleeding…
the broken shards of the blood stained glass lay inches away
if only you knew you could of saved her if only if only it wasnt me laying there if only if only it wasnt you below my window

By endlesspain_and_sorrow

i cant take this anymore she says as the blood trickles down her body, it washes away the pain sucked deep inside of her whispers calling her name beckoning for her to jump jump into the darkness of the black sea below her its as black as that suit u ware to her funeral still tainted with the blood of her the ocean weaves its lies its calling to her in sweet whispers it wants her it craves her oh how it needs her you walk to the coffin still in that black suit you say your goodbyes but yet u never cry u are the sea you are the liar you only wanted wat u could never have now ur tainted with her blood still fresh on your sleeve your tainted with her screams full of agony. yet you never cry as u still weave the lies yet you never cry as you whisper your sweet treachery yet u never cry as the blood taints you you are the black sea