I’ll always love you dude. x

How many of you have been pregnant? And what did you decide to do about it? From what I can gather most users of this site are teenagers, so it couldn’t be simple.

I’m 16 yrs old and recently had a miscarriage. Prior to this, I had decided to have an abortion. My justification – there’s no fucking way I’m about to mess up my life. Some might call it selfish, but it’s how I felt. That’s actually about all I felt. I didn’t love my “baby”. I was merely annoyed at it. But when I started bleeding, and the pain came I felt terrible. He never got a chance to be loved. He just died. I sometimes think that he willed himself to die because nobody loved him. But he was a 7 week old embryo.
This all happened a couple of weeks ago, and exactly one month after it I bought a really cute teddy to represent the baby. I’m not sure why, but it really has helped. Now I own a strange kind of solid metaphor onto which I can release pain, and provide “comfort.” So if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, it might help y’know.

And also, I would recommend that you tell NO friends, or parents and keep it as quiet as possible until you know what you want. Trust me on that…