I’m Nobody

Im nobody
no one sees me
and no one cares
all they see is a rep

that has gone sour
no one bothers to ask me
why these things are said
all they know is that im a
slut, a whore, a lesbian,and a bitch
and they think this bothers me
makes me wanna twitch
i hate being called these things
cuz none of them are true
except for maybe the bitch one
but hey you say it like a bad thing
i am nobody to most people
and it tends to bother me
but still i trudge on
evil fucks have smeared my name
and made me look aweful
but instead of playing their game
i just dont care
i am nobody to most people
but some people actually care
they love me for the girl i am
and they see past the shit
sure i have fucked some guys
but that is my buisness
not some gossip to be spread
do you have nothing better to do
i am nobody to some people
and to others i am just a rumor
guys only see a piece of ass
and girls see only a whore
my boyfriend is in love with me
not becuz i am “easy” as some would say
but he sees something that they dont see
so i must be somebody to him you see
but everyone else who thinks
i am nobody
can kiss my fucking ass
cuz if i am nobody
then why do you talk about me?

By Blak_Kat129

Singing, writing poetry,listening to music, dancing, the works what more do you want of a mortal?!