I’m Tired

I’m tired of the nightmares, and reaccuring dreams
can’t someone tell me, what the hell it all means.
I’m tired of knowing, I haven’t met my end
and of knowing the fact, I have no true friends.

My evil-subconsious, is taking control
someone should seal me, in a deep dark hole.
I don’t know why, I feel this way
I just know it gets stronger, each and everyday.
The horrors I see, each night in my mind
the reasons for this, I still can’t find.
The peolpe I trust, I don’t know if I should
I believe I should be, in a box made of wood.
My life is a hell, thats made of lies
the only way it will end, is if everyone dies.
I’m tired of the people, who think it’s fun to lie to me
but in the end they’ll roast in hell, beside me they will be.
I’m tired of the users, and people who’ve betrayed
and they don’t know, I know I’m being played.
When I look into the mirror, I see a demons face
and alot of the time I don’t know, if I belong in this place.
A loaded gun, I’m looking to find
so I can leave, this world behind.
I’m tired now, I’m going to bed
someone will find me, with a bullet in my head.

By unforgiven soul

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