Immoral Deceptionalist

Have you ever stumbled upon those souls who seem so troubled that you feel compelled to spend time with them? The time spent is not to help them or offer any form of guidance, but it is rather just to be in their presence for they emit such a force of hostility and raw power that you cannot resist to touch then or reach out and grasp for their body?

I tell you now, this is not in the least bit erotic, this is the grasp of death pawing at my mind when I may need it most.

So few a person I ahve met who matches ir is similar to the description I have summed up before you. Upon encountering such a being, one is left with a sense of personal power which is left to each-owns devices. I once thoguht I had come across a mind so intelligent and dark that I thought I may have found another person who rests at my level of thought. As I have found, my original assumptions were false.

Said person was not the type to dress “gothic” or “punk”. He had a style of his own which held not only individuality, but also something of a mystery to his tall stature. At just six feet, he was taller than I and quite stronger than his muscularly subtle frame insinuated. Eyes which were found most often to be deep in thoughts much like my own were a baby blue which were lightly tinted by a tapering hazel which I had never before seen. Such a mind ahould not be passed by. Humble voiced and mysterious, this male had my mind’s eye.

Appearances may be more than decieving, as I have discovered that my little lurking mind is nothing more than a voice which refuses to surface, a mind contemplating nothing more than drugs and food. Once again, foiled by the infulences so many of us surrender to. Constant presence of such things angrivate my very extents, and yet I am forced to realize the harsh reality.

I too, have been suckered in, molded and then labled for the sale to all of those who want a shred. I colapsed to the very thing I despise and I have become nothing more than another produt of addiction and democracy. To be hypocritical and say that such things as drugs are bad is idiocy. Everyone has heard the preach, recieved the assembly and endured the sex talk. Why should I continue on such annoyances? I have done nothing but throw my life away with things I should have known not to do. Why do I complain of it now? Because I have seen the effects for the first time taking charge of a previously truly beloved mind.

Keep your minds. Read 1984; Animal Farm or maybe just something good. Who knows. Just do something for you, for a change. Screw it all else, take your mind into par.


By DistortionRevisited

Disturbed and disturbing, I am violent when provoked but generally a nice creature by nature. As long as you hold more than minimal intelligence, we should co-exist just fine.