Immortal Goodbye

As I lay in my own blood,
I realize what I could have done,
My life could have been so much more.
It’s all your fault,

You did it to me,
I could have been so much more.
Why did you do this to me?
You were my life,
I am so confused,
I have nowhere to run.
What happened to us?
I lost my Love,
My Love for you,
It’s nowhere to be found.
Hidden beneath my pale flesh,
Lays thy heart which keeps me alive,
Pumping thy black blood
Throughout my body,
I begin to vomit bile,
I am sick,
Sick of life,
Sick of your games,
No-more will these lies be fed to me,
I have had enough…

Immortal Love,
Immortal Lies,
Immortal Sin,

It’s not………
We will die,
The love will be gone,
The lies never to be seen again,
The sins still remain,
They have burnt a permanent home in my heart,
My life was ended,
It was too much for me to take,
One person cannot bare so much pain,
It has been built up to long,
I’m sorry,
But in reality I’m not sorry,
I feel no sorrow for you,
You brought this upon yourself.
The knife slipped,
My blood poured,
You cried,
I felt no sorrow for you,
My blood poured like an endless river,
An endless river to nowhere,
The bottomless sea,
A sea of hopelessness,
My black blood surfaced,
Turning red,
The violent color of death,
Can’t you see it coming?
Are you blind?
Its there in front of you,
My life was in your hands,
You ruined it,
You over protective bitch,
It’s not my fault,
It’s yours,
I’m not sorry…

My sea of rituals,
My violent past,
My hopelessness,
My eternal vows…
Of killing you.

Let it come three fold upon yourself,
What you did upon me must be done to you,
My life is gone,

Innocents forsaken,
Innocents shattered,
Innocents frail,

The last thing found from me was my will,
With one thing in it,
Entitled to you,
It twas a note,
A note written in blood,
My blood,
And it stated the following…

“You have done this to me,
You have ended my life,
I thought I loved,
But I was misled,
I was mistaken,
I had mistaken bliss with love,
I was blind,
But now the blindfold has been removed,
I can see,
See that although you have beauty on the outside,
You are ugly on the inside,
Now I want the last thing you will ever see is…
My face,
Haunting you,

It is a long time,
But you will suffer,
As have I,
So take these words how you want,
But for me,
Only one message was meant,
And that message was…
Fuck you!