In a blistering dream

I scream in the night
Hoping beyond indifference
As a lost bullet finds flesh
My screams will find a soul

Walking through a veil of light
Blinded by my own ignorance
Burning for the partial of fresh
Blood with which my conscience fights
Doesn’t matter how much I hide
The loneliness knows where my heart lays
Trivial as the crow spreads its wings
Trivial as the daylight scatters away
Feared not the days to come and with pride
I stood above the melting rays
Of a blistered moon , and sings
The shadows in which I bathed, to say
Is to believe as to believe is to say…

I am cynic within closure
Glowing eyes amongst others
I don’t want to believe
That my life stops here
The blood shed was my exposure
Confidence to the dead that no longer suffers
Too persistent to receive
My final sermon, so I hear
The cries of the morbid
The complaints of the ravaged
And I stand glaring
Through the darkest of figures
Imperial and sordid
It keeps calling me and the damaged
Parts of my soul just keep on going
I will not be the one who lingers…
Rest upon your rupture…

By die Krähe

I am darkness incarnated.I am but a Crow, flying above desolated lands, in search of what only exists in the realm of the forsaken...Ich bin Aine die Hexe, A solitaire Witch...