In a Mortuary

In a mortuary
For virgin suicides,
And morpheine rides.
For teenage fuck-ups,
And shot up stuck-ups.

A fledgling poet,
Trying to blow it.
a depressed geek,
Trying to show it.

Love is suicide,
And love is mine.
Love is dandy,
And love is fine.

So shoot me softly.
Shoot me kind.
Shoot me up,
And blow my mind, (away).

They tried to keep
Themselves at bay.
Yet here they sleep,
And here they’ll forever lay.

The emptiness of youth
Keeps the catacombs
From being alone.

Categorized as poetic

By Necrologia

I like that which is aesthetic. My passion is poetic writing and romanticism. I'm open to most any experiance. I'm an analytical philosophical insomniac in addition to the previously mentioned. If you would like to know more e-mail me; otherwise I'm just another name on your screen.