In Dreams

When the cold of winter comes,
Starless nights will cover day,
With the veiling of the sun,
We will walk in bitter rain,

But in dreams,
I still hear your name,
And in dreams,
We will meet again.

When the seas and mountains fall,
And we come to end of days,
In the dark I hear a call,
calling me there,
I will go there,
And back again.

I don’t know about you lot but i think this piece of writing is beautiful. It was written as a song for the film “lord of the rings” which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now. I just wanted to share it with everyone and especially those people who have lost someone dear to them through death. Let this poem be a reminder to you that even though they are gone in body, as long as you remember them in your heart and mind they will live forever. They will talk to you when you’re asleep, and the inspiration they gave to you will let you live out a life full of love and happiness. So go to them, and listen to them, for it is only in your dreams that you will see them again.