In His Eyes — cont’d

She gasped as his body pressed hers into the bed. His lips were on hers, tongue dueling with her own. Fingertips trailed the sides of her body as his crotch ground into hers, allowing her to feel him heavy and hot against her through his pants and her underwear. She hooked her fingernails into his shoulders and raked them down his back, pulling his hips into hers harder. A gasp shook from his mouth as he nudged her head to one side so he could nibble gently on her neck; he then blew cold air back up to her jawbone and bit gently right under her chin. Something twisted low in her abdomen, and she moaned, mouth closed to stifle it. He lifted his hips just high enough to slide her underwear off so that his jeans pressed into her naked crotch…she moaned again at the mingling of pleasure and pain. Writhing under him, she raised her head and nipped at his neck, catching the skin and drawing it out until he gasped again and let out a soft groan of mingled pleasure and pain. Her fingers slid between their hips, pushing him away just far enough so that she could unbutton his fly and unzip the zipper, then push his pants down his hips until his hardened cock popped out. His breath caught yet again at the roughness of his jeans against his cock, and she smiled into his eyes as she pushed him over onto his back. Trailing kisses down his chest and stomach, she paused, breasts rubbing his cock, to lick and then bite at his lower abdomen. His hands found her hair and twisted into it as he let his head fall back, body arching. She continued the line of kisses to the base of his cock, then slid her mouth over the tip of it. She could feel his body tense under her, his hands clenching in her hair and his cock twitching inside her mouth. Pulling her mouth off, she licked the tip, then smiled up at him again. “Please…” he whispered; she opened wide and took as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. Tongue swirling around the tip, she sucked gently, one hand caressing the base of him. When she felt his musles begin to tighten, she pulled away again and slid back up his body to press her cunt against him. “I want you inside me,” she whispered against his ear. “Right now.”
He flipped her on her back and parted her legs, one hand guiding his cock into the wetness between them. His other hand traced the line of her inner thigh, and he could feel moisture starting mid-thigh and getting wetter as he slid up to her cunt. He entered her, oh so slowly, watching as her face tensed, as her back arched, as her head finally fell back and her arms wrapped around his torso. Finally, he was inside her, sheathed to the base of him by her tight, wet cunt. He pulled back out, vaguely aware of her protest, then plunged into her as hard and fast as possible. Her body arched to receive him, then clenched around him. Gasping again, he continued to work in and out of her, gritting his teeth to keep from spending before she came. He stopped pumping after a while and ground his crotch into hers, rubbing against her clit as she moaned and gasped for air. The sound of wet flesh rubbing together became more audible as he started slamming in and out of her again; she felt like he was trying to pound a hole through her and exit on the other side of her body. As he began to work them both toward climax, she grabbed a fistful of his hair and dragged his head up, locking her eyes with his. They both watched the expressions on each other’s faces change as climax drew even nearer, and she cried out at the same time he did; she could feel the hot spurt of his cum filling her even as she convulsed in climax. He collapsed on top of her, kissing her deeply, as her entire body finally relaxed. She closed her eyes, smiling softly…
and opened them again as the heat and weight of him disappeared. She lay alone in her bed, the only evidence of his presence the smell of sex, her feeling of fullness, and the memory of the love in his eyes. She couldn’t wait to talk to him tomorrow.

By the witch

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