In Loving Memory

We lay together in the street covered in your own blood. You so beautiful as what light there was shone down into your tear filled eyes knowing what was about to come. I made you swear not to speak. That mouthed “I love you forever etched in my memory. I pryed that I would be abil to re-live my life with you… just once more. Then your hand whent limp, and the pain of reality washed over me. I kissed your forehead fo the last time and never again would I get to see you smile….

-In Loving Memory

By Painful2Touch13

you may call me Kitty... everyone else dose because they all agree that my "real" name is too normal. but what is a name? "if you were to call a rose by anyother it would still smell just as sweet." -juliet you can call me goth, you can call me freak, you can call me punk. whatever you please but i am me. i dont catorgarize(other than preppies). i descriminate i just hate everybody. girls can die... then again there is the occasional few i do get along with. but cross me and you will suffer i swear. if you dont belive me ask Blondie. (a girl who did) she almost ruined one of the few good things i have. but if you wish, IM me with AIM or just e-mail me if you feel the urge. may your death come quickly. *~Kitty~* I LUV HAWKMAN