In Search of Altie

Darien, Georgia lies near the State’s eastern coast, where the Altamaha River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. And it is in the area in and around Darien that most sightings of Altie, or the Altamaha-ha, to be more precise, occur. That’s why, if you visit Darien’s Visitor’s Center (which I did this past week, making it a point to do so), you’ll find a detailed sculpture of Altie. The town as a whole hasn’t embraced Altie to the extent that it should—they’re missing out on a great opportunity, there—the way Point Pleasant, West Virginia has embraced its Mothman or Bishopville, South Carolina has the Lizardman, but he *is* allowed the sizeable display in the small visitor’s center and has his image emblazoned on that venue’s billboard. This latter is in desperate need of a new paintjob, but perhaps the folks at the visitor’s center are waiting, since they are hoping to relocate soon into the abandoned former Wendy’s next door.

The Visitor’s Center is located in a derelict outlet mall. It’s a shame the latter is currently abandoned. The outlet mall was quite lovely, you can tell, once upon a time, before the bright pastel colors of its storefronts were allowed to fade.

Me and Altie hit it off immediately.

Is this the skull of a deceased Altamaha-ha? Doubtful.

Anyway, I sought out the visitor’s center, and I made sure to visit the Altamaha River as well. Alas I did not see Altie. But I did see that lovely facsimile.
The statue incorporates features both mammalian and reptilian.

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