In The Bedroom (Net Friends part 4)

Once we had freed his arms from his shirt, I moved higher up his body to straddle his chest. I took hold of his hands and interlocked my fingers with his, he smiled, still with his eyes closed, I pinned his hands to the bed, leaned in close and kissed the corner of his mouth, then lightly played my tongue across his lips and kissed the opposite corner. His eyes snapped open as Jess started to tug his jeans off him after carefully undoing them as I had kissed him, he looked startled at the fact he was pinned down, I kissed him again and he started to relax once again. Jess slid up his body to sit close behind me, I could feel her hardened nipples against my back through her bra. She undid the clasp of my bra and slid the straps off my shoulders. I let go of Xander’s hands to take my bra off, he slid his hands up my thighs and my body then round to Jessie’s back to undo her bra, we both leaned forward, her fuller figure pressing against my back, her bra fell off and he threw it towards the bin saying “you wont be needing that anymore”.

He pulled me down onto him and I pressed against him lightly, he then pulled Jessie down ontop of me, he kissed her passionately over my shoulder as I kissed down his neck softly and then nibbled along his shoulder occasionally licking gently back up his neck. Jess slid off us and sat to the side, I kissed Xander teasingly then sat up and crawled across to where Jess had sat. I pushed her backwards, slowly, onto the bed kissing her, playing with her tongue. Xander’s hands came between us to squeeze our breasts as we kissed, I felt his hot mouth on the back of my shoulder and then his tongue, drawing circles. I slid my hands firmly down Jessie’s sides, brushing past her breasts as I did, I slid my hands down to her jeans and unfastened them gently, I pushed them off her with the help of my feet and her own kicking. She removed my jeans, Xander helped her rubbing his hands firmly down my legs.

Kneeling behind me he slid my small panties off then pulled me backwards onto his knee, I realised he had taken his boxers off and he was rubbing the head of his cock along the lips of my pussy as he nibbled up my neck. Jessie knelt facing us, he leaned back slightly pulling me on an angle with him. Jesse leant forward and took my right breast in her hand, she lowered her lips to my nipple, keeping eye contact with me, she licked it almost unsure of what she was going to do, then she clamped her mouth round and sucked gently on it whilst flicking it with her tongue. She alternated this with my left breast. She had her hand on my thigh but she now slipped it between my legs. She felt along Xanders hard cock and then slipped her middle and index fingers into me. She pushed them up inside upto her knuckles. Xander slipped his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it suggestively, he lowered it to my ass hole and ran his finger round, he lowered it further and joined two of his fingers with Jess’s inside me, they worked me to the edge alternating the movement of their fingers but they stopped not allowing me the full pleasure.