In the Dark of the Night

As my life passed me by, I have always felt the need to love. Its ups and downs took me by surprise as I see others love and loose. Never once have I discovered it as a human being.

Although I’ve still got a soul, I have the gift of immortality given to me by the clan Brujah. I have never loved. Brujah’s don’t love often or so I’m told.
Brujah’s best came to me while I was still a young one, 18 or 19, I believe. I accepted gratefully. Enticed by the new world ahead of me and yet quite stubborn as old Etheis would say. He changed me for rights of power, not because he hand chose me. He told me that I would be strong if I was changed. Not only for beauty, will I be strong, but for innocence. I was 18 and quite the handsome one.
The night of my 19th birthday, he lured me outside to the back of my house late in the evening and aroused me. He brought me upon the earth and the moonlight. Told me to consider it done. I didn’t ask for it, only accepted it. I was left alone for hours in a dark room. I longed for the taste of blood, the sweet, tender taste of blood. My whole entire body ached without it. I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t even see straight. My vision had gone red and I began to throw up all over myself. My muscles were weak and I couldn’t do anything right.

A side kick straight to my rib cracked a couple of them. I stumbled waiting while my body repaired its self quickly. She lashed out with another side kick; I caught it and twisted it. It should be broken. She fell with annoyance and rose again with pain. I was ready for anything this little bitch could give me. She retaliated for a couple of seconds.

“You ready to give up your first fight with a vamp? A very strong one.” I said
“Never shall I lose a fight again, what do you want from me?” This wasn’t in her instructions, giving up. She was taught never to give up a fight without fight till death or dawn, which ever comes first.
“Your blood,” I couldn’t help myself. I haven’t fed since last night.
“Can I have your word you won’t drain me dry?” She said thinking that she could get disowned for this.
“Of course not, it’s my nature to kill” I chuckled.
“Here,” she stepped closer to Ather, close enough for him to wrap his arm around her waist and bare her pale skin of her neck.
“Much obliged.” I took her in and indulged myself in her sweet blood.

Raven had risen to the living and non-living world just now. She had risen to a black cell. She was completely blinded by the blackness. She couldn’t see anything of which she desired to. Indulged by the deceiving dark shadows, she moved with unease. Until her eyes adjusted to the unusual shadow of the night, she moved with her hands guiding. Her fingertips moved against a cold bumpy wall until she found an opening. She proceeded and decided that it was the cell door, bars of course.

“Hello my darling, I see you have risen from your slumber.” The shadows proved right to be surprising.
“Hello Ather, surprised to see you so soon from our last battle.” She said, yawning.
“Yes, well I made sure that it won’t happen again.” He said with a chuckle.
“Right and how did you fix this little problem?” She inquired prepared for the worst.
“Soon enough, my dear, patience is the key.”
“Your right it is.”
“The time will come”
“Yes, I assume it already has”
“Not quite yet, didn’t you learn this in training.”
“Learn what”
“Never face a vampire such as me, alone.” With that he vanished from her sights, likely to feed.

She looked around as her vision came back to her. She noticed the lock was unlocked most likely for her to escape but why would he want lose such a valuable victim? He was sly and smart but Raven thought she was smarter. She began to get up to all fours. As soon as she did that, she became very ill and threw up all over the stone cold floor. The stench of it filled the air. She began to try again. This time, collapsed in pain overwhelming her muscles. They were weak and she complained of fatigue. What has he done to me? She thought silently to herself as she threw up once again.

She realized she couldn’t get up. Even if she could where could she go? So many questions evolved in her head, she couldn’t get them all straight. They were all a blur, everything was. Her vision was turning red, and her mind fought for control. Sleep took over, as her mind gave in. She turned, collapsed to the cold floor and let the emollient sound of sleep influence her.

She rose again with a slit of sunlight shining on to the floor beyond her cell. She was groggy, of course but that couldn’t let her senses down. In all her years as a vampire hunter she has learned never to let her guard down. She has done so in the past only once or twice and that almost got her killed. The second time that happened was just recently, last night when chatting with Ather.

She vaguely remembered what happened last night. The morning sounds drew her near her cell door. The lock was old and rusty but if she could manage to slip it out of the loop quietly, she might have a chance to get away. The sun light seemed as though a magnet drawing her aura towards it. She didn’t succeed in slipping the lock out of position quietly; she made a ton of noise but hoped she didn’t disturb him sleeping. The mere thought of sleep made her tired as anything. Raven proceeded out the creaky door and down the narrow hall way in which she could climb the steps leading nowhere she knew.

Ather was sleeping in a state of tranquility although their kind didn’t dream. His room consisted of black walls, black shades, and a black converter. He liked to live in the dark although he often took adventures in the sun light. This one resulted as a new family member. He awoke with a start sensing something was not right. He fumbled about for his robe. As soon as he clutched it, he heard a scream.

“NO! Let me go, I refuse to go with you!” Raven cried out in panic for she is weak
“You will go with me or I will throw you out of Ather’s house.” He mumbled the words whiles struggling with her.
“Premetheis let her go and I will spare you. What did I tell you about Raven?” He appeared without notice. Upon hearing the scream he blinked down to the kitchen.
“I am so sorry master, I have forgotten once again.” He hung his head low with shame.
“She is here as a guest and will be treated as one of our own? He grabbed her by the forearm and yanked her behind him. With such a sudden movement, she became dizzy and light headed. But her reactions kicked-in as she pulled away.
“Cranky this lovely morning are we?” he said turning to Raven,
“Yes well what do you expect? I’ve been throwing up all night down in that dungy cell of yours.” She yawned.
“I expect you to be hungry but not for food.” He slipped in-between his smirk.
“I am hungry and tired,” she yawned again “And how would you know what I need or want?”
“Don’t forget that I can read your mind and soul with just one blink of an eye, don’t forget what I am. You seem to have let your guard down on me once. Last night while we were talking I was just standing there watching you in the plain, admiring you as what you are. For you were not human to me and have not become one in the mornings dawn.” She looked confused and yet dazed at the same time. The only thing he could do was smile and look at his creation as a new experience.

“And what would you say if I say I am human and nothing more?” She took a muffin and bite into it. As soon as she tasted the bread, she spit it out. It tasted like raw meat, horrible it was indeed.
“I would laugh right in your face for you know not I assume.” He took the muffin away and told Premetheis to dispose of it. “As what you are now, you must learn to cope with the strength and need for blood. We shall practice in my living area. I hope you are up to the challenge considering you haven’t fed yet? He began to think hard most likely looking through her thoughts, waiting for a reaction.
“What do you mean I haven’t fed yet? I am mortal, not a blood sucker. I need not to feed.” She stopped abruptly. She seemed to be thinking all this out. Maybe he had changed me…did he?
“What did you do to me? Am I a blood sucker?” She demanded him to answer.

“Ah, I see you have figured this out quite fast Raven, but I still have to teach you how to feed and fight like a vampire.” He continued walking into his living room, he expected her to follow him but she didn’t. He turned around and held out his hand.
“Raven there is nothing for you back there,” Ather glanced towards the window “You don’t belong there anymore, your not one of them. Your future lies with me and how you do with in the next week. You know what you are, now except what you are.” His hand was still there and she slowly laid hers in it. Ather took her to the living area in one blink.

She was gone for far too long and Mother was getting worried. The look on her face had to give it away. Raven had been a vampire hunter for more than 2 years but the first fight she had resulted her almost drained dry. Raven was the youngest in the Vida line and the stupidest. Thank god Kava found her that night.

“Mother, don’t worry about Raven, I’m sure she’s smart enough to take care of herself. Did she say where she was going?” Kava was washing the left over dishes from dinner. Her mother sat at the kitchen table they recently enjoyed a meal on.
“Yes, she did. She told me that she was going to take good care of a vamp that was pissing her off. Do you think it turned upside down and she lost? Oh god I hope not.” Turquoise’s face was filling up with tears. Kava finished drying the last dish and sat next to her mother.
“Don’t worry, I’ll trace her.” Kava was hoping that her mother would accept that. Otherwise, Kava didn’t know what else to say.
“Don’t even bother. I’ve tried and she’s nowhere to be found, not even with a crystal.” Her mother got up and walked away holding her head high. Most likely went upstairs to the attic and get Death as a Wish. The most powerful book in the world for vampire hunters. Kava hoped it would help them find Raven.

Kava went to her room. She still had more studying to do. The competition was on Saturday for Raven to become a fully trained vampire hunter and Kava to become a Triste. A Triste is a vampire hunter on a committee that speaks for all vamp hunters. If she won against her rival, Charity, she wouldn’t be able to have children yet immortality was a perk. The weapon being used was a whip and a hand knife for Raven. Raven was good with her hands. The knife was perfect, given to her 2 years ago when she became a vampire hunter. She perfected her skills for 2 years and beat Mom with it many of times. Kava, on the other hand, was horrible with a whip. She knew the basics but she was never able to completely master it.

All these thoughts had made Kava very drowsy. Her hand immediately rubbed her eyes as soon as she sat in her bed. Kava knew she had to practice but, she needed the sleep. The comfort of her pillows lulled her into a peaceful rest. As she drifted of into her dreams, chanting came from the attic. With her final thought she wished her mother good luck and fell into darkness clouded by the mystery of her little sister.

By DeamOn

I live in the dark... that's 'bout it.