In the dark

dont exactly know where this belongs as I quite new to this site. Horror maybe

As the burning sunlight reveals the scars of my malformed body I feel nothing but pain. I crawl deeper into the cold, damp shadows to seek the comfort of the darkness. The darkness takes part of my pain away, for the darkness protects my eyes from my disgusting body and helps me forget.
With the light the memories come back, all the suffering, the sorrow, the pain.
The depression comes creeping from deep down inside of my tormented soul, like a worm eating its way through my flesh, growing bigger every second.
As much as I know I can’t, I wish to die.
I know that I can never take my life even if I so wish every sunlit second of my life, for my life has a purpose. My life has been sacrificed to help those who hides in the dark. To stand up for the mourning hordes of lost souls who like me has lost their faith in life.
As the light begins to decrease I long for twilight. Only then the hunt can begin and for a moment I can take the pain away.

Darkness. Finally the cold darkness removes the burning light from the sky. It surrounds me, gently touching my body, healing my wounds and hiding my scars from my eyes. I can feel how my body becomes one with the darkness, letting me breathe again.

A cry is heard among the other predators in the night. I feel connected to them. Like me they hunt for food and like me they have an obligation to keep populations down.
But they are damned. Forever damned to be weak and outnumbered by their enemies. For where they fail I succeed. Where they hunt the old, weak and sick, I hunt the strong and healthy. This slowly weakens their kind and making way for the domination of mine.

I can feel something trespassing my territory, something that doesn’t fit in. The other predators can feel it too. A barricade of confident strength can be felt. Its moving in the night. It scares them, driving them back. But not me. I’m invincible in the dark. I know the darkness protects me, serving my very thought.
Behind the barricade I can feel something else. I feel that it fears the dark, fears all the shadows in the night.
It has to be one of them, one of my enemies. One of those who who keeps us down. None of my kind fears the dark.
It’s coming closer, driven towards me by the shadows it fears. I can feel it, smell it. I can hear its heartbeats, pumping fresh blood to its body.
I follow the disgusting smell. From the protective shadows of the night I study my prey. It is beginning to understand that its time has come. It is starting to panic. It realizes how weak it is, the comfidence is fading away.
As it is driven within my range I attack. I bury my teeths in its neck before it has a chance to provide any resistance.
The warm blood is pumped down into my throat. All the pain, the misery and the sorrow is driven away by the warm, pure blood. For a few minutes I feel perfect. I feel complete again.
Once again the cries of the predators echos in the dark. They can feel my victory, they congratulate me. They know the time is getting closer now.
One day we will all rise up and strike back.
How I long for that day.

By Kingu

I try my best to at least appear evil to the rest of the world. I tend to fail. People who feel sorry for them selves have but one good use and that is to make me feel better.