In The Face of Life and Death

Kara has always been the good girl at home, aorund the comunity, and at school. But now that things are different she’s gotten a tad… how do you say…depressed? No not depressed. That would be the understatment. Whatever you want to call it, it grabed Kara by the troat and said

” You will become my little fallen angel. Whatever I tell you to do you will”
She didn’t fight it. She was becoming sick of school and her friends anyway. After that moment on that little voice told her what to do, every move to every guesture.Kara never tried to fight it. Nope, not once. And with that lead her to the horible path of death and life choices. All she chose was death. She cut her aone lovly pale skin. Now pink and red from the scars. Her wonderful blond hair was now pure black and ragged.(she had cut it herself) Her parents were getting worried. They took her to their shrink and there Kara was diganosed with depression. They told her she needed to stop hurting her and her body. Why would they care, she thought to herself late one night, whats it to them if I want to die or I have a gardien in my head that tells me these things.
“Just what I wanted you to say” the voice said”Now listen carfully, go down to the kitchen and get the butcher knife… Then down to the basement take the knife and jab it into your heart.”
Needless to say Kara, sadly, did what the voice told her to. She got the knife and headed for the basement. Knife held high in direction to her heart… She stopped. She didn’t let go to the knife she just stopped. Then she started to cry. Is this what I’ve wanted? Just to die and not have anyone know that I did it? The voice came to life again. Not in her head but in a person. It wasn’t real just a spirt. He took Kara into his arms and let her cry. when she was done her took the knife from her and threw it against the wall. Kara had fallen asleep since her cries mad her tired. He took her arms and legs and tied them to the four posts. He regained the butcher kinfe and he pulnged it deep into Kara’s heart. Then he dissapreared. The next morning Kara’s mother was astonished of what she found.
Her only child tied down and killed with the knife still in Kara’s heart

By Notyourbeautyqueen

I used to write on Darkness about two years ago, and now, after many years of being in the shadows...I decided to come out again