sitting at the edge of the dock
staring at the lake
reflecting on my toughts
and the plunge i’m about to take

the perfect place to end
-is where it once began
and now it seems that I alone
must pay for both our sins

a love as strong as ours
one day must fade and die
and with that thought in mind
I look up to the sky

Down below, black water stretches wide
-licking at my toes
and the waves stretch and crash
and my tears begin to flow

we came here once, years before
those years have came and went
where we pledge undying love
which now has all been spent

and I told you I would do it
-my burial at sea
and when you see me sinking
will you follow me

Sadly I resign
and fall to the great below
but just before it all goes black
I see you see me go…..

By chastity

Music is really important to me and really influences my writing.