Inherit the Earth

Eyes open with new life
from a dream of change.
With the vigor of a fierce heart
I shall rise to embrace a new world order.
The trials and tribulations on our path
shall not hinder our ambition.
For we are as new born Gods this day
and this realm is ours.
I have seen the scales of the blind lady tip in our favor
and I will not be the one to deny her.
Nay, we shall be her eyes.
we shall be her scythe with which to reap the harvest
and her hands to sew the new crop.
And like the Pheonix of legend
our world shall rise anew from the ashes of the previous.
And as we destroy this realm to make way for the new
this shall be our mantra:
Give us a solid grain of sand to stand upon
and we shall move the Earth.

By Mannequin

Flawed by nurture, not by nature.